Friday, August 06, 2010

New Toddler Pictures

Yes, my baby is officially a toddler. He's running pretty well actually. No real words yet, but his babbling is sounding very much like language. He's speaking; we just can't understand each other.

From his grandmother's visit last month (yes, it's been a month since I've posted pics. Heck, I haven't even turned my computer on in a month; been checking from an old laptop.)

It's been hot out so....Popsicles!!

Happy 4th of July

Toy of the day: Wooden ruler sliding through paper towel tube.

New toy: the clacking alligator

He's very good at eating with his spoon and fork now. And he needs a haircut. He just got one this week.

At the Children's Museum - going down the slide with Dad.

Hanging out on Dad's computer.

Oatmeal Mistake

Poor guy. Instead of the ground ginger I intended to put in his oatmeal this morning, I accidentally grabbed the powdered onion. Eww. And he still ate it.