Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beach

I owe pictures. I'll get them up tonight(?). If there's time. We promised to do legal paperwork tonight. Fun.

We went to the beach at Galveston on Sunday. It was a blast, although I got way too much sun. I'm burned red as a lobster. Declan got a bit of sun on his cheeks, and Daniel fared just fine. We were only there for 30 minutes, too.

We went to Sea Isle on the west end of the island. The east end was packed with spring breakers. So much nicer to be on the west end, even if we did have to drive another 20 minutes. The only people on the beach were a group of surf fishers, so Declan was able to run around to his heart's content.

We even packed a picnic lunch, but that turned out to be an exercise in logistics and baby handling. Declan was soon covered in sand, and we had to feed him without letting his hands touch the food. At one point, he was literally running in a circle around Daniel and me, and stopping on each lap to take a bite out of Daniel's ham sandwich. Hilarious!

The beach was littered with blue button "jellies." Technically they are distantly related to the man o' war, meaning they are colonial creatures, instead of jellies, but they look the same. I'm glad Declan had water shoes, although he needs a new pair. The one he had rubbed a raw spot on his ankle.

It took Declan a moment to warm up to the beach. When we got out of the car and started walking on the soft sand, he started crying. He sat down and it took a lot of persuading before he would walk on the soft sand. I think it upset him that the ground wasn't firm, like he was used to.

Then he was playing in the very edge of the surf. At one point, he had gone out a fair way, and when the surf came back in, he ran back to shore, but he tripped and the wave came up and smacked him in the butt, getting him fairly wet. He cried at that, but only for a few seconds. Then he decided it wasn't so bad and went back to playing and running around.

It was lots of fun, although we definitely have to find the sunblock before we go again.