Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My favorite pictures

Getting ready for a trip and wanted to have some pictures posted to show some friends.

Jelly Face!

Visiting with Grandmommy and Grandaddy

Pumpkin Can Hat.

The pumpkin he decorated all by himself in preschool. (Well, I think the teacher helped him glue on the ice cream cone hat.)

Having fun with Daddy.

Feeding ice cream to the cat.

Having dinner at Sesame Street before the pre-school christmas program.

Riding a tractor with Grandad in Illinois at Christmastime

I think he was more interested in the numbers than the tractor ride.

Christmas morning. He has a "little cookie man" sugar cookie.

Opening presents was a lot more fun this year than last. He got it this year.

This year's Christmas sponsored by Thomas the Tank Engine and Hot Wheels.

Playing cars with his cousins, Garrett and Devon. They were sweet and generous and gave Declan their entire collection of Hot Wheels cars to take home.

Sitting in the backhoe with Grandad.

Checking out the combine.

Declan and Devon both wanted Devon's new hat.

Trying to convince Garrett to give him a horsie ride.

Snow is cold!!!! Especially when it gets in your eyes!

He loved playing in the leaf piles I raked up when I got home after Christmas.

Spear fishing in the leaf pile!