Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Declan's Tot Spot

We had a video chat with Declan's grandparents today. It worked out great. I had my new netbook, downloaded the video chat program from Google, and within 3 minutes, we were talking to each other complete with video.

Declan's favorite part was seeing himself in tiny inset picture. He started hamming it up, waving his arms around, doing spit takes, and generally having a great time amusing himself.

I loved that we could follow him around, show my in-laws the new furniture and paint job in the bedroom. We had a couple of technical glitches where Declan smacked the keyboard and muted our mic. Took a bit to get that reversed.

That was kind of the bright spot in his day. He spent most of the day whining, getting into trouble, or sleeping. He got into trouble for climbing up where we keep the cats' food and water, and throwing he food all around. Then it was climbing on top of Daddy's computer desk and fiddling with his big, heavy monitor. Later, it was pushing his toddle chair next to the lamp, so he could swing the lamp back and forth. It's been a tiring day!

I did a lot of cooking for him this weekend too. Not that he ate much of it. Made a black bean and sweet potato stuffing for tortillas. Then I made croquettes from a toddler recipe book. I'm not use to frying in oil, so they're a little greasy, and now the whole house smells like oil.

I finally managed to get most of the public part of the house cleaned up today. Cleaned the pantry yesterday, then picked up papers, tossed stuff and cleaned the kitchen counters and floors today. Took the throw rugs outside and beat them, then put them in the dryer for extra fluffing and decontamination. Finally swept everything. Still have to mop. Later.

Declan's been learning new things, besides just climbing places to get into trouble. He can identify S, B, and A. We're working on D and O. He says Happy and sometimes even Happy Baby. Plus Pizza. He loves erasing his chalk drawings now. He can work the shape puzzles really easily.

He's also learned to say Da-da and Ma-ma. However, his way of saying Ma-ma is by tapping his chest twice. He invented that sign all on his own.