Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back from Vacation - link to picture album

Yes, I know I haven't written anything in a long time. I was on vacation for 2 weeks, and during that time, we went to Illinois to visit the grandparents and when we got back, we spent 4 days repainting the baby's rooms. Then I found a new computer game and had to go back to work.


Here's the link to the picture album. I'll try to sort some out later.
Visit to Illinois Jul 09

The trip wasn't too bad. It was long; 2 days each way and about 18 hours total. Anytime we stopped, it seemed to take forever, even if it was just for gas and a bathroom break. The second day up there was bad. Declan cried and cried for almost the whole day. We were so glad to get there and hand him off to his grandmother while we unloaded the car.

While we were there, we went to Moonshine's for a burger. It's a little town with a population of 2, and they server great hamburgers (moonburgers) in a little country store. It was packed. Must have been 200 people there. We had tons of cousins there because it was a Burkybile family reunion that weekend. It was nice because I could hand Declan off to almost everyone else, and I never had to hold him.

Then we went to see Harry Potter. Honestly, not as good as I was expecting. It seemed slow. And we had burgers again, this time at White Castle, since there aren't any around here.

Saturday was the Burkybile family reunion at the park. It was a great time to see cousins I barely knew. Took my nephew Devin for a walk around the park.

Sunday I went geocaching with my dad and found 12 caches. I took a travel bug that wanted to go to Galveston, and I still need to put it out down here. I won't take it all the way to Galveston. I figure someone else should get that honor, since I brought it all the way from Illinois.

So glad to get Declan's room painted. His bedroom is a soft, robin's-egg blue, and the connecting playroom is a soft, buttery yellow. I don't have drapes up yet, and it's so very bright in there. It looks so, so, so much better than it used to. Still working on arranging the furniture and I don't have pictures up yet, but that will come soon.

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