Friday, April 08, 2011

Declan Turns Two

My parents came to visit, and I was really looking forward to their visit. We managed to get to the beach at Galveston on Tuesday, before everyone got sick. Unfortunately, my dad, Declan and myself got horrible colds. Mom had a sinus infection, and Daniel had a bad reaction to a new drug. I said we should just put a quarantine sign around our house. It was terrible.

But in spite of all the sickness, we still had a fun time, and I'm glad my parents came to visit. They helped me build a sand box for Declan, rearrange my patio so it looks nicer to sit on, helped me build a new mini patio to hold some of my container plants, and my dad rebuilt some shelves in my garage, so now I have space to buy an upright freezer and install it! We may not have gotten to the zoo, but we had a good time.

We actually postponed Declan's birthday party by a day. He didn't know any better, and it gave everyone else a chance to get better. By then, everyone except myself was doing much better. I'm also glad I didn't put a lot of effort into making fancy decorated cupcakes. He got cupcakes from a mix, and I made frosting for them. And we got ice cream. It was a good enough birthday for a 2-year old. thank goodness we didn't have a big party with lots of people planned!

Declan raked in the loot, at least for a 2-year old. His Virginia grandparents sent him a Mr. Potato Head and a recycling truck that counted tags as you put them in. He's all about counting to 10 now, so he loved that. I got up the next morning, and Mr. Potato Head had had a horrible accident, with pieces scattered all along the hallway. It was a terrible crime scene. I think we've only located a hand, a set of lips and the main potato. Who knows where the rest of the pieces are.

He got more Duplos and a couple puzzles from Daddy and me. His Uncle Poppy and Nana Shannon and cousins got him an awesome, 2-foot tall Little Person car ramp, and he spent many happy (and quiet) moments experimenting with what would go do the ramps. Mom's friend Anita got him a Thomas the Tank Engine beginning reader book, and he loved it! He demanded that we read him that book about 10 times in a row the first day. Since then, we've bought a second book like that one, and we read both of them several times each day. He frequently asks for his choo-choo book.

His Illinois grandparents got him toys for his new sandbox, some t-shirts and an Easter present still waiting to be opened.

Here he is with his favorite bubble mower, mowing the hallway and modeling a new hat.

Opening presents.

Blowing out the candle.

(Daddy had to help a bit)

Declan, Meme and Papaw.

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