Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vacation Pictures

Finally got my pictures uploaded. (Of course, now my kitchen is in disarray due to a remodeling project and I've misplaced my camera. Thankfully, I got most of my pictures off of it before now.) Grandmommy's (Meme's) shoes are a little big, still. This is cute. Declan was crawling around and under his cousin, Devon. Chillin' on the front porch. Awww. So sweet of Devon. We encouraged Declan to run up and down the sidewalk, yelling at the top of his lung, as much as possible all week long. Boating. He did not really enjoy his time on the boat. Maybe that will change over time. Declan and Meme Do you think he looks like me? Last day. He still wanted to run around, not go get in the car.

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