Monday, April 16, 2007

Painting the Bathroom

Respite Blue or Raindrop Blue? How can there be so many shades of blue and none of them just right? I finally got the old wallpaper off the bathroom walls. That took me about a week. Then another week to tape and prime the walls. Now I'm studying the two shades of blue I test painted on the wall behind the mirror to see what I like best.

Now explain to me why people would hang wallpaper over plain drywall, then take the time to plaster a spongy pattern on the wall, but only behind where the mirrors are hung. There's no paper there, but plenty of plaster. It took me 2 hours with a sander to smooth off the plaster bumps. Then another hour to vacuum up the plaster dust and mop up. I still need to find some new lights to replace the standard builder's lights they put in originally. And finally, I'm trying to figure out what I can do to fancy up the mirrors. Gives me excuse to buy and browse through the home improvement magazines.

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