Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a nice, fun holiday weekend. Out of respect for my friends who work retail, and out of respect for the human race, I decided not to go shopping on Friday. First of all, I'm not getting out of bed insanely early to stand around and hope to get one of a very few doorbuster items. Actually, to get those, you have to get in line around 11pm the night before. Forget that. I'm sleeping in. Second, they just didn't have anything I wanted.

I had a nice 5 day weekend. On Thanksgiving, we had duck instead of turkey. It was good, but greasy. Friday we watched Casino Royale, and I think it's probably the best Bond film ever. Daniel Craig is awesome as James Bond!

Over the weekend, I did some holiday baking. I made a couple batches of different cookies, which promptly went into the freezer so I wouldn't be tempted. I had two small cookies last night and had a stomach ache all night long. It's been so long since I had sugar and junk that my body can't handle it anymore. I'm looking forward to eating my salad and apple today to get back on track. I also made some Christmas presents for friends and family this weekend while watching a bunch of movies at home. All in all, quite a nice, relaxing weekend.

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