Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's Sunday

And I have discovered hell on earth. It's Burlington coat factory on a Sunday afternoon. I needed a couple of sweaters because I've been freezing lately. Must be the side effect of losing my insulation. Anyway, curse me for looking for cheap clothes, because I think I'll just shoot myself before I ever step foot in that store again. I hate going into places that automatically assume their customers are thieves. I really, really hate it when they say only bring in 6 pieces of clothing to try on. It's a huge pain when you're trying on different combinations, and then you have to get dressed again to go out and grab another six pieces of clothing.

And today, the cashier in our line must have been trying out for the slowest cashier west of the Mississippi. He probably would have won. I don't know how I kept from exploding after standing there watching him try to undo the theft tag and scan up some kids' clothes and it took him over 20 minutes and three phone calls to his manager. I would have gotten in another line except that as soon as we got in line, every other cashier went on break, and the lines got crazy long. I was proud of myself for not acting like a child and kicking the counter or making snide remarks under my breath. I only made one snarky comment about how long would it take when he made his third call for help. I'd have walked out if I hadn't already spent an hour in the damn store.

On the good side, I lifted tonight. My squats are getting nice and deep now, so I'm getting more flexible. Still having some balance trouble and some trouble finding the best place to position the bar on my back. Matt told me I need to work on pinching my back together to give the bar a shelf of muscle to rest on. I have to do something because right now, it's resting right on my shoulder blades, and there's no padding there. My back is all bruised up, and that was just with 135 pounds on the bar.

We've been watching the Ali G show on HBO, and I have to admit, the guy's a comic genius. Sometimes , it's painful to watch, but it's also funny. I don't know how he manages to get where he does and interview the people he does. He interviewed Boutrous Boutrous Gali, the former Sec-Gen of the UN. And he got him to say a rhyme about don't fight and listen to Bob Marly. Impressive. Donald Trump saw right through him and walked off. That was funny. Guess I'll have to try and see Borat. Everyone says it's hilarious.

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