Sunday, November 12, 2006


2 ouches today. First was finding a really great upgraded video card for my system. It was Neverwinter Nights' fault. It was running too slow and clunky on my system, and I found a great card for a terrific price. I have a GeForce 7900 now. Oooh, ahhhh. Now all my games run great, but I'm still optimizing the rest of my system.

The second ouch is purely physical. I smashed the ever-loving f**k out of my finger tonight while doing squats. Thank goodness I smashed it on a warmup set, so I only had the 45-pound bar in my hand. But I rammed my pinky finger nail between the bar and a J-hook in the rack. It's killing me. Who knew a pinky finger could hurt so much. Apparently, I could get rid of the pain if I'm willing to burn a small hole in my fingernail and lance the hematoma out. Not sure I'm ready to try that. We'll see how bad it gets.

I had more to say, but honestly, I can't remember it because my finger hurts too much. Oh, I officially have lost 80 pounds since I started on Medifast!

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