Monday, September 24, 2007

A Trying Weekend

It's been a weekend of highs and lows, but the lows were much worse than the highs.

On the good side, we went to a shrimp boil Friday after work and had a good time with folks while enjoying sweet gulf shrimp, corn, potatos and various chips, cookies and other junk food. Then on Saturday, we went up to the HGMS gem and mineral show. I got some nice opals, a nice piece of amber (raw) and a few slabs to cab later on. Plus I picked up some tools for my Dremel to make it easier to polish my opals.

On the bad side, Daniel discovered he's developed an allergic reaction to shrimp. Notice what we had on Friday? Somehow, he didn't get sick by eating it, but when he handled the raw shrimp, his hand swelled up, and by Sunday night it had started to spread to his neck, arms and legs. So we made a late night trip to the emergency room for steroid shots and prescriptions.

The not-fun continued today, with the sad death of three of our goldfish. We'd been keeping the pond level low so that when the weather finally cooperated and we had time, we could easily pump out the pond, put in a new liner and replace the water. Unfortunately, it seems the water got too low for some of the fish. We lost 3 last night and 2 more are looking shaky.

The timing doesn't help either. I've got a massive amount of work to do this week, so I'll be working 10 hour days, and this weekend, we've already made plans to go to Fredericksburg on Friday and Saturday. Plus, they're talking about having us work this weekend! My poor fish. Maybe I'll just have to break out the flashlights and do it at night.

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