Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pool Fun

This is when we went to Christian's house to play in the pool and with his choo-choos. I think this is where most of Declan's choo-choo fascination came from. It's also the site of the great strawberry theft mentioned in an earlier post.

We convinced Declan to go down the slide a couple of times, then he didn't want to anymore. I'm not sure if he got scared, or just stubborn.

They both had a blast sending the cars and trains down the slide, though.

I found some humongous strawberries for them to snack on. Christian didn't like strawberries, but he'd only had sliced ones before. When he had a great big strawberry in his hands and saw Declan nom-nomming on his, Christian decided strawberries might not be so bad after all.

Here's the site of the choo-choo wars.

Finally, here's the great strawberry theft, once again.

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