Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lucy - Science in Hosuton

Saturday we went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see Lucy, the oldest complete skeleton of Australopithecus Afaransis. It was part of an exhibit on Ethiopia, the country where she was found. The Ethiopia exhibit wasn't very interesting; it seemed more like a tourism guide to get you to come to Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the Lucy exhibit was very small, but it was still very exciting to see the actual bones. Apparently, this is the first time that her bones have ever left Ethiopia, and one of the conditions of letting it go on tour was the Ethiopia tourism exhibit had to tour along with it.

Aside from the fossilized bones, they had a reproduction of the bones that was put in place in 3D (the real bones were laid out flat in a case), and a flesh reproduction of how Lucy would have looked in life. She was short, only 3.5 feet tall. I've always been interested in human evolution, and I'm glad I saw Lucy. I learned about her in college, but I wish the exhibit had been larger.

After the museum, we went to the Galleria mall to pick up a couple of things. I had no idea the traffic would be as bad as it was. It was what I would have expected to see on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If it was that bad last Saturday, I cringe to think about what it will be like this Friday.

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