Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy weekend

Saturday, we made a trek to Ikea. We talked about getting a new bookcase for the computer area to store office supplies in, but I also wanted to get some baby stuff, and we just didn't have the budget for both. So I got all the baby stuff I wanted: another set of curtains to match the first pair, a play rug, a pillow that matches the decor of the nursery, some matching stickers, and Daniel got the little guy a wooden block toy. It's the kind with different colored wooden beads strung on colored, bent wires. Daniel was so bummed after putting it together when he read that the recommended age was 18+ months. But we put it next to Declan anyway, and he immediately started batting at the blocks. He likes looking and batting at it, so we count it as a score!

And we even got to eat meatballs for lunch. Yummy. And I successfully resisted the urge to eat the cookies and different candies there.

Sunday I got a lot done, and even more undone. We bought door latches for the cabinets, to start baby proofing the kitchen. However, the cordless screwdriver's battery charger stopped working, and for some reason, my corded screwdriver wouldn't drill the pilot holes into the cabinet doors. Are they made of metal or something? So I have drills all over one of my countertops until I get this sorted out.

Then I wanted to work on my rainbarrel, but once again, I didn't have the right tools. Without a battery, I can't use the jigsaw attachment on my cordless drill. I didn't find any curtain rods that I wanted at Ikea, so I can't hang up the curtains I got, and they didn't have the one set of curtains I did want there, to hang on the existing curtain rod. If that's confusing, don't worry. It happened because we changed where the baby's room was going to be. I did get the stickers up on the wall, but overnight, a couple of them fell off.

I hung some cute pictures on the wall, over the stickers, but now Daniel wants to rehang the door to that bedroom, so that we can close it off when the baby is sleeping and do stuff that makes more noise, like cook in the kitchen. I'm somewhat opposed though, because I like having that open wall space, and the baby needs to learn to sleep through daytime household activity. Plus at night, we keep it quiet, so it's not like the door will really help.

I have a list of stuff I need to get from Walmart and/or Home Depot, and I was going to stop on my way home. I even drove the truck into work today so I could stop. But guess what? I forgot my wallet at home. No cash, no credit cards. Guess I'm not going to do that. On top of that, the soda machine ate half my coins when I wanted a drink at lunch time. Maybe I'll just take off an hour early or so.

I also made more wheat bread from the no-knead recipe I found. I like it a lot. Very moist, very dense, but not brick-like, like a lot of whole-wheat breads I've made. Seriously thinking about ordering the book.

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