Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Declan's Four Month Doctor Visit

Overall, our little guy is doing just fine. He weighed 18 pounds 6 oz and was 24.5 inches long. I must have mis-measured him at 3 months. His weight is at the 95th percentile, length is 70th percentile and head measurement at 50th percentile. The doctor was very pleased at his consistency. He's been at those percentiles each time he's gone in, so she says he's doing very good.

She also said that he had very good fine motor control for his age. He was reaching for and grabbing his toys while we were there. No sign of wanting to roll over yet, but that will come in the next 2 months. He likes sitting up, another good sign, and he's vocalizing well. Plus he learned to do raspberries this past weekend, and he said 'baa', which is a new sound for him. Maybe because we say "ba ba" for his bottles every time he gets fed.

The down side is that he has eczema on his arm, chest and bottom. His cradle cap was caused by eczema, and the fact that he has a lot of ear wax is another symptom. Weird.

The pedi said we could start rice cereal anytime we wanted to in the next 2 months. He has excellent head control, so I just want to wait a little longer until he seems to grasp the idea of eating from watching us. We now sit him at his high chair for dinner with us every evening.

I think he's getting the 4-month wakefuls, as some other mothers put it. He was sleeping through the night for the last week or more, and doing so well. Then the last 2 nights, he's been up at 2 wanting to play or eat or something. Last night he devolved into a full blown screaming temper tantrum at 4 am, and neither Daniel nor I had any clue why.

Ugh, I hope this doesn't continue for long.

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