Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Diving In

I was reading something on one of the decorating blogs I've been following. She talked about how you shouldn't wait until you're ready to move out of the house to spruce it up. Don't do all the work for the new owners. Rip out the carpet, paint the walls, put up a new mirror and enjoy the results NOW!

So I did it. I primed a small section of my ugly green bathroom two nights ago and then applied a tester paint over it: Antique Pearl by Behr. Looked pretty on the card and it seemed like it would match the floor tiles.

I'm glad we did a test patch. My and Daniel's first thought was 'hrm, that looks a lot like naked flesh, not pearl'. So it's back to the store for more paint samples to try out.

In the meantime, I took down the shelves, removed the hardware and switch plates, and started painting the walls and the ceiling with Killz primer. I'm not intending to cover the green 100% because I'm going to go back over everything with a skim coat and smooth out the textured walls. I've never liked the texture (I think it's called orange peel), and I figure I can start with a small room and see how difficult it is to smooth out.

I'm also painting the primer on with a brush, not a roller. Yes, I'm doing it all by hand and after the baby goes to bed. I think this might take a while, but that's okay. My goal is to have it done by the time my parents visit at the end of March. That gives me almost 6 weeks; 4 if I take some time off to watch the Olympics.

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