Saturday, June 12, 2010

Accidents and Colds

Monday we had an accident at the house. I had a big glass pitcher of sun tea on a towel on the countertop. I didn't think the towel was in reach of little hands. I was wrong.

Daniel called me to say that Declan had pulled the towel down, dropped the pitcher on our tile floor, and when he went running in there, he slipped on the wet tile, fell and wrenched his back, and barely kept from kicking Declan into the cabinets. Urk.

So I took off from work to come home and clean up. I don't know how they avoided getting cut on the glass, but happily, no one was seriously hurt. Except the pitcher.

Then on Wednesday, Daniel came down with a nasty cold, and by Thursday, it was bad enough I had to stay home from work. Now on Saturday, it seems he's passed his cold to both Declan and myself. Tomorrow, I have to get on a plane to Denver, and he's going to be home with a sick baby all week by himself. ugh. Pity us both.

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