Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A Seashell Picture

I was inspired by a picture on another blog. Give me a moment and I might be able to tell you exactly who.

I found this old, beat up frame at my local thrift shop for $0.25. Awesome! Just what I was looking for - something that was weathered and beat up. The fact that it didn't have any glass was actually a plus for this project.

I decided I wanted to white wash it, to give it that beachy, weathered look. When I first painted it, I thought the paint was still too thick, and I kept watering it down. After it dried, it was actually a little too watered for what I was originally going for, but it was good enough and I didn't want to redo it. I thought I might end up with too much paint, and for this, less is more.

I cut a piece of heavy cardboard from a discarded diaper box and wrapped it in some burlap. Glued it to the back of the wooden frame.

Then I pulled out my sea shells. I had some from a couple trips to the beach, some from a $0.75 cent bag of shells from the same thrift shop, and I actually shelled out (ha ha) $2 for the star fish from a craft store. I played around with the placement until I was happy, then used my trusty glue gun to stick them down.

I used a 3M command strip to hang it to my wall, since I was worried about hitting wires in this particular location.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with how it came out. It's my favorite sort of project. Easy, cheap, entirely hand-made, and looks good. What's not to love?

(BTW, Thanks to Funky Junk Interiors for giving me some tips on resizing photos in Blogger. Very nice.)

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