Monday, July 05, 2010

Declan Updates

I'm trying to think of all the new things Declan has been doing lately.

He knows how to brush his hair, put on his sandals, put his shirt on (sort of, he puts his arms through). He knows the signs for "milk", "water", and "more", and we're working on the signs for "kisses" and "kitty". He can climb everything in the house now, and does. Unfortunately, he doesn't always know how to get down, so he cries until someone comes to help him. He also fell off the bed this afternoon, but no serious harm.

Daniel swears that he said "three" the other day, mimicking one of the puppets on Sesame Street, but I'm not convinced. I didn't hear it. He certainly does say a lot of syllables, though, like ma-ma-ma, and da-da-da. He's a regular chatterbox sometimes.

He also understands words. When I ask if he wants to read a book, he'll run to his books and pull one out. When I say it's bathtime, he runs to the bathroom. When it's time for a walk, he finds his shoes and gets all excited about going out. He also knows the word for naptime, and he starts crying. Poor thing.

He loves stacking blocks, and he can stack them as high as he can reach on the coffee table. His favorite things to do are to experiment with what fits inside other things. I put a whole box of toys away this weekend, and he rediscovered a couple of older toys and spent several hours playing with them over the weekend. He definitely doesn't need any more toys right now.

It's good to remember how far he's come every once in a while.

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