Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Declan's Progress

Last week, he learned how to sit up! Daniel went in to get him from his nap, and he was sitting in his crib. Over the next few days, he did it over and over.

He can also stand on his own without any help. We just make sure he doesn't fall, or at least, has a soft landing. He's trying to pull himself up, usually using one of us.

I just put him down for the night, and he kept getting on his hands and knees and crawling backward into the corner of the crib. Then he'd sit on his knees and cry and cry. I guess he was stuck, or he didn't know how to lay down again. I tried putting him on his back, but he cried some more. Daniel came in and said he wanted his blankie. We gave him his crocheted blanket, and sure enough, within 5 minutes he was asleep.

Want some more pictures?

I didn't realize cottage cheese was a finger food, but he's very determined to feed himself.

This is when Daddy feeds him yogurt in a hurry.

Here's pictures of him getting presents from his Meme.
A laughing monkey ball. He really likes this. The laughing will get old before too long though.

A bead track. It's cool too. But not as cool as the cardboard box it came in!

This is from last week. You can see he's trying to figure out how to get on his hands and knees. He can't quite get that second leg figured out yet.

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