Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pictures from his grandparents' visit

We had a great time while they were here. I, for one, didn't work! And we went out to a movie and for lunch and did some shopping, and we had some one else to help take care of Declan! :)

Here's Mom mom and Pop pop (still haven't figured out how to spell that).

Pop pop helping Declan make his toys make noise. He's really good at it now.

Meanwhile, what did Mom mom do? Made funny faces.

And let him play on the table.

Later, Declan managed to de-sock himself. Again. Babies and socks...there's some sort of universal repelling force between the two.


Incoming Grandma Kisses!!!

Here they are before they left in the morning. It was time for little guy's nap, so he was more interested in bed than in saying goodbye or practicing waving.

Heard from Mom mom this morning. She said she's already saving her pennies to fly back for another visit.

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