Monday, March 01, 2010

Declan Turns 11 Months

Almost a year. Wow.

Here's a couple of birthday pictures, and by birthday, I mean 11 month anniversary. Would that be a birthmonth?

So cute.

Kickin' back and relaxing.

His grandparents brought Christmas and early birthday presents from his Nana and Poppy (my brother and sister in law). He had to have some help before he got the idea of pulling paper off, but once he did, it was a lot of fun.

Hey, look. A toy caught his attention more than the paper.

This was the big winner in the toy department, though. He figured out he could push the buttons and make it play, and stick his hand in and make it sing. Not so much on figuring out putting the shapes in, but he sure did make in sing all night long.

Chilling with Granddad.

My parents brought up my dad's old rocking chair that his granddad made for him. It's been well loved, and looks to be loved by the next generation.

Finally, he slept tons today. I guess having grandparents around tuckers little guys out. I rarely can walk into his room when he's napping without waking him up, so pictures like this are rare.

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