Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Declan's First Birthday!

It's been a year! Maybe time for reminences later, but right now, I'm trying to upload pictures, answer email, organize files, get dressed and get ready for a hair appointment, so I'm doing good to get pictures up here this morning.

We took his 12 month pictures on Saturday, and then let him into the backyard to explore and play. He got dirty, of course. He's a boy. He had to taste a couple of rocks, but I think everyone survived that experience.

I will say, he's getting squirmier every month I try to take his pictures. Daniel had to help hold him still, and then we finally gave up and went into the backyard. I think I took 95 pictures, and kept about 12.

Going outside.

Exploring grass.

We gave him his birthday present a couple of days early, since my mom has to leave on his actual birthday. He got a Radio Flyer rocking bouncy pony.

At first, he wasn't too sure what this was.

And he had to have help to stay on.

"What the heck is this??"

"Do I sit like this?"

"Oh hey, this might be fun."

Next day...

"Yep, this is fun!"

"But riding horses is tiring."

Then it's time for a mommy ride.

He loves his Meme.

Story time with Meme

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