Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Parents' Visit

So I'm finally getting around to the pictures and everything a couple weeks late. It's been a busy time. Little guy is getting more active, and I had a good book to read (The Name of the Wind) plus a bathroom to work on. Finished the book, got the bathroom walls sanded and started priming, so I decided to take some time and work on my pictures this weekend while the little guy is napping.

We tried shoes for the very first time. A pair of sandals.

They didn't go over very well.

Here's Declan with his granddad.

We went to Ikea one day to get shelves for my garage. So of course, we had to put him in the egg chair, shades of The Prisoner.

Then he got to try on Granddad's hat. Looking a little gansta there.

He absolutely adored the sheepskin rugs and buried his face in them for 5 minutes.

Daddy attacked him with the sheepskin dusters and that was funny.

A couple days later, we went to see the endangered Attwater's Prairie Chicken breeding facility at NASA.

Daddy ride on the way to the breeding pens.

Declan loved watching the chickens walk around and hoot. They do this neat little dance where they stomp their feet really fast, then puff up their feathers and hoot at all the lady birds. I'm sure if you're a lady prairie chicken, it's very exciting.

Learning to walk with Meme. You'll notice we gave up on the sandals and stuck with socks. They can be washed.

One last hug from Granddad before they head back home.

It was great to see my parents. I wish we lived closer together. Plus my mom helped me organize my garage and my dad helped me tear out some awkward shelves and put in something better. Now I can actually use my garage to do work in, not just to shove crap in.

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