Thursday, April 01, 2010

Declan's First Birthday, Part Two

My mom was visiting, but she had to fly home the morning of the 31st, Declan's actual birthday. So we had cake and ice cream the night before. He was all decked out in his "Birthday Boy" bib that Grandma Page got him.

We tried a birthday hat, but it barely stayed on long enough to get the one picture.

Then we lit his cake, and Daddy helped him blow it out.

Then it was time for his first taste of birthday cake. Yum.

Next it was time for presents. Meme Burkybile got him a cool truck carrier with cars and animals and even a CB radio with a button to push.

Here's a family picture with one of the cats. You may notice my hair color changed. Not sure I like it yet. Jury's still out.

More presents. He likes the 5 silly monkeys book.

And more books, from his Grandma Page

After we dropped Meme off at the airport, it was time to go on an adventure! we went to the Children's Museum of Houston.

I think he still has a ways to go before he can really work at my computer.

We spent the afternoon playing in the Tot Room. It's a great place. It's set up for kids from birth to 35 months, and it has all sorts of play areas, different textures and toys, things to push and pull and make noise, things to climb. It's just a lot of fun. He played there for over 2 hours. He didn't even cry or fuss when another baby took his toy away. He just crawled over and picked up a new one.

The door with the light switch and door bell was probably his favorite thing.

The sand table with magnets to move the cars inside around was a big hit.

It's actually hard to tell if the door or the water faucet was his favorite, but I'm leaning toward the door.

Later he decided that everything must go back into the ball pit.

Afterward, we ate at a nearby taco shop, and it was three times as much food and probably 10 times better than the what we would have paid at the museum cafe.

Little guy had a blast on his birthday, and we had a good time too. There's tons more to see at the Children's Museum as he gets older. I have a feeling we'll be getting a family membership to it really soon.

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