Thursday, October 16, 2008

And the verdict on our roof is...

We need to get it replaced. That's what our insurance adjuster said. I'm actually happy. I wasn't happy with the idea of patching it, but he got up there and tromped around for a while. He also poked around our attic, the backyard with the blown-over fence and shattered pillars, and our water-stained ceilings.

After all that, he said that his report would show we needed carpet cleaning, repainting for a textured ceiling, a new roof, 80 feet of new fence and a new set of patio pillars. Awesome! I didn't even know some of that qualified. It's funny that I made this big list of food we threw out, and he said that was personal property, not building, so it had a separate deductible. Since food is the only thing on it, we won't meet that one. But we will on the building, and that's the most important one.

It'll be a week before he gets us the report, and in the meantime, I have to search Google for the cast stone pillars to find out replacement costs. He said there was a place in Austin that sold them, so I'll look for them tomorrow.

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