Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love long weekends

Somehow, having that extra Monday off is just a fantastic feeling.

We were busy this weekend. Last week, I admitted a desire for Ikea's meatball lunch. Silly, yes, but Daniel said he'd had the same desire. We also needed some new bedside tables and thought we could probably find something decent at Ikea. It's on the north side of town, so it's not someplace we normally go on a whim.

So we had a pleasant morning of shopping around and having lunch. We did a lot of window shopping, and actually found a nice pair of nightstands we both liked. Wouldn't you know, they were out of stock! However, I did manage to find a nice rocking chair to use with the baby. Daniel put it together, and we took bets as to how long it would take one of the cats to claim it. We both lost. It took 3 days.

Sunday I was still restless, plus I needed some new clothes badly. I'd been looking at Kohl's and Target, but didn't like any of the clothes they had. So I decided to buck up and go to the mall. Sears was a bust so I tried the actual maternity store in the mall.

It was great! The lady there helped me find a new bra and I found lots of shirts that actually looked good on me, looked professional, and fit right. Daniel winced when I told him how much it was, but I said it was going to be my entire wardrobe through next spring, so that wasn't so bad.

Daniel had school on Monday, and for some reason, I woke up early. I hope this isn't a trend. So I made biscuits and gravy, with everything made from scratch. Then I decided that I shouldn't spend my free day playing video games, I should actually do something productive. So I cleaned the house. I did all the stuff that Daniel never sees. He does a pretty good job keeping the house clean, but he never thinks about cleaning the top of the washer and dryer, or getting the cat hair off the ceiling fans.

I also got serious about cleaning out the storage closet. I'd been using it for all my craft stuff over the years. I got rid of a bunch of stuff, but some of it's still too hard to part with. Like an autographed painting by a world-class fantasy artist, even though I don't have it framed and wouldn't know where to hang it. Still, it's a start, and I've still got many months to sort stuff out. I'm gonna have a heck of a lot of stuff to give to the charity thrift store.

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