Monday, October 06, 2008

Doing good so far in the pregnancy and movie reviews

I have to give kudos again to the "Eating Well When You're Expecting" book. Every recipe in there that I've made is great. Last night I made beef and barley stew, and it was fantastic. Took a couple hours prep and stewing time, but that was no problem. It said to add half a cup of barley, and I thought that didn't look like enough and I was debating adding more. After the 30 minute cooking time, I'm very glad I didn't. It was just enough. Another thing I like about the recipes is that they make just 1, 2 or at most 4 servings. Very handy when there's only 2 of us.

For breakfast this morning, I had a broiled grapefruit and stuffed french toast, again from EWWYE. It had whole grain bread stuffed with peanut butter and apple slices, then soaked and fried as french toast. Sprinkled it with a touch of powdered sugar instead of syrup and it was delicious.

I am definitely keeping that book for a recipe book for years to come.

Another good note is that I was finally feeling well enough to do some light exercise last night. I pulled out the Wii Fit, which is so much fun. It even weighs you, and to my relief I had only gained 1 pound in 2 weeks. I was worried that with all my bad eating habits, I'd gained too much, but it looks like I'm not doing too badly.

The Wii keeps telling me I'm overweight and I should lose weight. It lets me put in a goal, so I keep doing a 1 pound gain for 2 weeks. Feels weird to put in a weight-gain goal.

Caught some movies on HBO over the weekend. Finally watched The Silver Surfer. Oh my god, that was a horrible movie. Every cliche you can imagine and enormous plot holes. Normally I'm very forgiving, but even I couldn't get over the problems in that movie.

Next I saw The Seeker. I was really excited when it came out initially, because I adore the books it's based on. But it got poor reviews, so I never bothered to watch it. After seeing it last night, I was sorely disappointed. It bore only the faintest resemblance to the book and was terribly scattered. Very bad movie.

Saw most of Interview With a Vampire. I can't say it holds up very well. Maybe it wasn't so good when I saw it the first time, years ago. But my goodness, what a whiny, emo movie. I wanted to kick Brad Pitt part way through just to give him some emotions instead of that flat monotone he kept talking in.

Tonight, hopefully I'll get to watch A Clockwork Orange. We downloaded it from the PS3 network as a movie rental. Started it yesterday at lunch. I think it finally finished downloading at midnight.

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