Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hooray for food

I was in a cooking mood last weekend. Daniel hates it when I get in a baking mood, because he says I'm making him fat. I try to put the extra goodies in the freezer, but he says he likes them just as well frozen. I won't touch them until they thaw out, and that means I have to think about getting them out in advance.

Anyway, last week, I made cinnamon rolls using the Pioneer Woman's recipe. They were fabulous! I made half a recipe, because her recipe makes 7 pans of rolls, and that was too much for us. When I made half a recipe of the maple frosting, it didn't look like enough for all the rolls, but it turned out to be the perfect amount. She recommends making them as Christmas presents, and I can see why. They were good. Yummm.

Then yesterday, I found a recipe for Dark Chocolate and Bacon Cupcakes, and I have to say, I'm sorely tempted to make them tomorrow to see how they turn out.

I also have to give kudos yet again to the Eating Well When You're Expecting book. I've made a roasted root vegetable soup that was good, although I got tired of it on the last serving, and a vegetable and edamame soup that was really, really good. This time I learned and put half the soup in the freezer so I wouldn't get tired of it before it was done.

And this morning I'm having an Elvis breakfast: oatmeal (fiber and calcium) with peanut butter (good fats), cocoa (it's chocolate), and half a banana (potassium because I'm getting leg cramps). Can't say I'm a fan of bananas, but I can tolerate a few bites a day. And of course, the chocolate and peanut butter help.

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