Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 29

I passed my one-hour glucose test last week. Yay! So how did I celebrate? Yep, by getting a donut yesterday. Sorry, but I'd been craving one for a couple of weeks. It was good, too!

I managed to come down with another cold. This really sucks, especially when you can't take anything really strong for it. I take benedryl at night, but only because it makes me fall asleep. During the day, I pretty much just suffer.

I think I'm starting to experience the dreaded pains of the third trimester. Yesterday, my lower back started hurting pretty badly, down in the sacrum. Supposedly, there's a hormone released that relaxes the ligaments to prepare the body for childbirth, and as it relaxes the ligaments, it causes lovely things like back pain. I also noticed I'm starting to retain water pretty badly. I'm not saying my ankles were ever all that shapely, but I noticed last night they're getting pretty thick. Bleah.

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