Friday, December 25, 2009

Ah Christmas Vacation

I'm a couple days late on this. Started my Christmas vacation on Wednesday by doing some shopping and seeing Avatar in 3D while Daniel watched the little guy for me.

I loved Avatar! It was visually stunning and had a good story, too. I'd want to go back and watch it in the theatre again if it weren't for the fact that we have the little guy to watch and I don't want to saddle Daniel with him too much while I'm on vacation. It's his vacation time too.

With those computer graphics, they have GOT to make the Dragonriders of Pern soon. I'd so love to see that.

Also did some yardwork to try and improve the mess that is our front yard. And did a little bit of last minute Christmas shopping, mainly for stocking stuffers.

I guess I'm in an organizational / cleaning up mood lately, too. I took one look at my pantry on Wed night and decided it must be cleaned up right then. Well, as soon as little guy went to bed. Took everything out, cleaned the shelves, put the stuff we wouldn't eat aside for the food bank, threw out all the expired food (and there was too much of that), then put stuff back. Even went out to Walmart 2 days before Christmas (shudder) for bins and containers for the pantry. But now it looks great!

I even decorated my house for Christmas, going beyond just putting up a tree! This is a big deal for me. Usually I have no decorations except for maybe a couple of stiped candles.

But this year, Lowe's was selling their live greenery for $1 each when I went to pick up some yard materials, so I got a bunch of garland to put in the window sill. I added lights and silk roses. Are the roses overkill? I could have done candles, but hate to with the little guy around. And the cats, but they pretty much avoided the garland.

I also got some greenery for the coffee table. I like how this turned out.

And here's what I was working on for several weeks, after little guy went to bed. I found the letters, decorated them, hung them up, and found lots of cute stuff in silver and red for the mantelpiece. I even have family pictures of us there.

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