Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

A good morning was had by all. We did our normal routine of getting up at 6 and feeding Declan breakfast. Then Daniel got up and started the cinnamon rolls and we all migrated into the living room for presents. It was mostly about Declan this year, but of course, he's too little to understand anything. Next year will be lots of fun, I think. But he still had fun playing with ours and his presents.

"Yay, it's morning and Mommy and Daddy are playing with me!"

"They tried to make me wear a Santa hat, but I think it's more fun to pull it off and eat it."

"Here, Daddy, open this one next."

"Well, if you won't open it, I'll just go ahead and eat it."

"Oooh, a present for me? You mean I can tear this paper all up, and you're happy about it? Okay."

"Yay! My very own keyboard to play with, since Mommy and Daddy don't let me pound on theirs. They say it's wireless, whatever that means. I heard Mommy say to Daddy last night to cut the cord off."

"Yes, I know I loved the elephant when I saw it in the store, but there's a KEYBOARD here, Mommy and Daddy. Priorities!"

"This is a great Christmas. What's Christmas again?"

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