Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hurray, My Mom's Here!

Someone knowledgable about babies who's here to help for a week! She got in yesterday, and got to experience a typical afternoon/evening with the kiddo. In other words, he was nice around strangers (her) all afternoon and slept lots, but he managed his evening fussiness right on schedule.

Tell me, why would a baby cry for his bottle, eagerly start sucking on it, then 2 seconds later, spit it out and cry, only to suck on it again? The only thing I've managed to figure out is to give him his pacifier for a few minutes, then he realizes he's hungry, and he wants his bottle. Repeat for 30-50 minutes or until the bottle's empty.

I even talked Daniel into going out for breakfast/lunch on Tuesday. We went to IHOP. I said if we went there and Declan started screaming, at least the other people wouldn't get too upset, as they might if we went to someplace fancier. Well, he managed to scream through most of the meal. He was hungry, even though he'd just eaten. So only one of us could eat at a time. But he still managed to charm all the waitresses. Guess it's something about really little babies.

And yesterday, I went to pick up my pictures from the photo shoot at Sears. They turned out nice, even though he didn't cooperate much during the shoot. We even have a few pictures of him screaming his head off. We're keeping those to embarrass him with when he's grown. :) I am ticked at Sears on one particular thing though. For as much as I paid for the pictures, I think it's wrong that they won't give me the digital proofs so I can print out more of my own later. I would have had to pay an extra $40 to get the copyright to my own pictures. That seems wrong to me.

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