Monday, May 04, 2009

I hate Texas

In April, we had a record amount of rainfall: 15 inches. Previous record was 10 inches. It hasn't rained in over a week, and yet there is still significant amounts of standing water all over the place. NASA cancelled the chili cookoff this past weekend because the picnic grounds were too wet.

Well, all that water breeds mosquitos, and there is an ungodly amount of mosquitoes around. For the third time this week, Declan and I have set out for a walk around the neighborhood, and have had to turn around and come back after less than 5 minutes. Even with Off, I'm getting eaten alive, and I can't keep them off Declan. I'm not going to put Off on a newborn, and I don't want him getting bitten. I can only imagine how grumpy that would make him.

To reiterate: I hate Texas!

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