Monday, May 04, 2009

Oh, did I mention how the parks here aren't very interesting?

We've been trying to go to different parks every morning. My goal is to explore the area more than I have before and find some good places to go with Declan as he gets bigger. On Saturday, we went to Jack Brook park in Santa Fe. on the map, it looks like a good size park, but when we got there, all I could find was a 50 yard road leading to a historical marker. The rest of the park looked more like a wilderness area, without even any paths. Boring.

Yesterday, we went to Clear Lake park on the water. It might have been okay, except that the wind was howling from the lake, and Declan decided he didn't like that much wind. Plus, the ground was still saturated, with standing water, and it had gone fowl. The whole park stunk like a pig farm, weirdly enough. So we came home after a short time and played inside. Again.

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