Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Declan's Been Up To

My mother-in-law said she wanted more detail about what Declan has been doing. Mainly he's growing like a weed and fussing a whole heck of a lot.

He's starting to fit into some of the smaller 3-6 month clothes, although his 0-3 stuff still fits for a while longer. I measured his length a week ago, and he's 22 inches long. He was born at 19.5. Maybe that's why he's grumpy all the time; his bones hurt from growing so much.

In the morning, he's hilarious. I unswaddle him to change his diaper, and he immediately spends the next 5 minutes stretching every part of his body as much as possible after being wrapped up all night. Then it's bottle time, and lately, that hasn't been as hilarious. He'll get through a couple of ounces, and then he'll start the major league fussing. At first it was just in the evening, but now it's at every feeding, it seems like. He'll eat a bit, then he'll cry around the nipple and not eat anything. I can burp him and he might have some gas. He bobs his head around looking for more to eat, so I give him his bottle again, and he eats a few sips, then cries again. Then I give him his pacifier and rock for a bit, then he spits it out and wants his bottle. Repeat for the next hour or more until the bottle is empty or until he falls asleep. It's getting very frustrating when he does this 5-6 times a day.

This morning, he did it to me, but wouldn't settle down at all after his morning bottle. So we went for a car ride, thinking that usually settles him down. No. We pulled off at the safari zoo in Alvin and I gave him his bottle, but the stinker only took 2 ounces, then fell asleep. As soon as we got home, 45 minutes later, he wakes up and starts fussing and crying, but I'm onto him this time. I'm going to wait until he's full on crying and red in the face before he gets his bottle this time. No more snacking this morning. Right now, Daniel put him in his swing and turned on the fish and lights mobile above him, and Declan is fascinated with them.

On the plus side, he's smiling lots more. He likes to have his cheeks tickled, and he still loves to watch faces, especially if we start making funny faces at him or sticking out a tongue. He also likes the toys on his bouncy seat. They light up and make noise when he bounces around, and he can stare at those for a good 30 minutes sometimes. He's started being able to hold onto his blanket. Not that he knows he's doing it, but he's grabbing things more, and when they find their way into his mouth, he's happy as a clam gumming whatever it is. Here he is laughing again. You'll have to take my word for it, because it also looks like when he's getting ready to cry.

Speaking of gumming, he just learned to put his fist in his mouth on Tuesday. It's so darned cute. I want him to be able to soothe himself with his fist instead of a pacifier all the time. If he needs his pacifier, and he spits it out, he won't be happy until a parent gets up to put it back in. But if he's used to his fist, he'll always have that with him.

He has something of a routine during the day. He'll eat pretty much every 3-4 hours, starting at 6 in the morning. I never thought I'd be such an early riser, but I'm starting to like it. The morning is nice and quiet as I watch the sun rise. We try to take a walk in the morning or do some sort of outing, and a walk in the evening before dinner. Then he gets a bath at 7:30 and to bed around 8, depending on when he wants his last bottle. He still wakes up at 2 am every night for a bottle. I'm hoping he starts sleeping through the night soon, since I have to go back to work in a couple of weeks, and Daniel and I will have to figure out a schedule we can both handle.

He's grown up enough that he fills up the infant insert in his car seat. In another month or less, we'll have to take it out. He even fits into his sun hat now. See?

And here's his 6-week old picture. I like this one because he's roaring like the lion in the sign behind him.

One of the thing we did when Mom came to visit was go to Galveston. The weather was great; it was mild and surprisingly non-humid for this time of year. So here's Declan's first picture at the seashore.

And here's Mom holding Declan as he's trying on his wrist and foot rattles. He's still too young to understand those. They'll be more fun when he discovers his hands and feet.

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