Monday, October 22, 2007

The landscaping makeover begins!

The guys showed up about 30 minutes ago to start installing our new water feature in the backyard. So far, they've moved most of the rocks and bricks and gotten the old pond liner out of the ground. Seems like it wasn't too hard to get out, but I don't know where they're going to take it to throw it away.

Last night, I was having major buyer's remorse when I went to bed. Told myself that there was nothing I could do about it then, and there's nothing to do about it this morning. I already made the decision, and I try very hard to have no regrets. I know I could have done it myself and saved a lot of money, but I also know myself after all these years. If I had done it, it still would have cost a substantial amount for materials, and it would have taken me weeks, at the least, to do the installation, and I would have agonized and cheaped out over so many little material items. This way, I pay one price, and the company does everything in one day. So yes, the time and effort saved is worth the money.

It is nice to be at home during a workday, especially when Daniel is off to school, so I have the house to myself. Every once in a while, I'll pop out to take some progress pics of the pond. The guys probably think I'm a crazy woman, but then again, I'm sure they're used to people taking pictures of the installation. Times like this, I wish I could speak Spanish. They don't speak any English at all. Hopefully, they won't need anything. Carl, the designer, says they're all set, and this crew does nothing but install ponds.

Here's some preview pics.
The pond area after we drained it and before the work crew got here.

The crew starting the tear out of the old liner and rocks.

Updated edits:

Here's the basic form covered with the waterproof fabric liner.

And here's the pit with the pump installed and the pit filled in with gravel.

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