Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Next Step - Plants

Stopped by the nursery this morning to select plants. Finally caught up with the designer, so he walked around with me and told me about the different plants and their properties. I picked out one large pot to use as a new fish pond. I also gave him a list of plants that I liked, and then told him to select what he thought would work best out of that list. I did put down a couple that I definitely want, like asparagus fern, ginger, African iris and a couple of others. They have to be plants that are well behaved, not too big and do well in shade. I really wanted to emphasize Texas native plants, but I'm doing this very quickly, and I couldn't get hold of the native plant nursery to go through their plants, so I just picked what was available. Kind of typical, it seems. Always enough time to dream, never enough time to actually do when I'm in a crunch.

Found out that he didn't install lights or an auto-filler since he was trying to get the price down. That's okay. I can install those later and pick ones of my own choosing.

Last night, I had the window open a crack because it was rather chilly out. But it was enough to hear the stream. First time I walked in the bedroom and heard it, I got a big grin on my face, so I'm happy with it.

Some more photos of the installation:

Putting in a seating area next to the waterfall:

The finished hardscape of the waterfall. No plants yet.

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