Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My yard got chopped!

Our landscaping crew showed up yesterday to do a fall cleanup on our yard. Now keep in mind that we haven't had a spring cleanup, or a fall cleanup from the year before. To say our yard was a bit overgrown was being generous. I'd done some pruning, mostly on the evil bougainvillea plant, but I wasn't able to actually prune the palms or the bigger plants. As a consequence, our yard was getting really shady, the grass was dying and it was looking like a jungle.

So I called our landscaper and he gave me a pretty good price for pruning plus mulching. As it turns out, I think he gave me way too low a price. The estimate said 4.5 hours labor, but the guys were there from 8 am until 8 pm. There were immense piles of branches, shrubs and debris in our front yard. I couldn't believe how much they trimmed away. Admittedly, there are places where it looks like I have real landscaping now, like on the side of the house. And our 20 foot legustrum got pruned down to about 8 feet. I have sunlight coming into the two side bedrooms of our house now. I'll post some pics later tonight to show the scary amounts of brush. Hopefully they'll be able to clear them away today before the trick-or-treaters come by.

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