Friday, October 26, 2007

Still waiting on plants plus some good news

*Sigh* Carl promised he'd have them in either Wed afternoon or Thursday. It's Friday morning and still no plants. I talked with my regular landscaper this week and got a price for him to do a cleanup on my yard. He's the most reasonable of the three companies I priced, so I told him to go ahead. So hopefully by next Tuesday, my yard will finally look nice. Woot. Plus he is going to start doing a trim service every 6 weeks for a very reasonable price in addition to our regular groundskeeping fee. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a landscaping service here? When he came over a couple days ago, I was treated to an earful about how hard it is for him to find legal workers who are willing to do the work. He says he absolutely cannot find American workers who are willing to do landscaping work, so he's trying to get visas for immigrant workers from Mexico, and having a hard time dealing with the Government bureaucracy.

The good news is that I got my faceting machine yesterday. Aside from a broken light bulb, it appears to work just fine. I didn't work on faceting a stone yesterday, but I used the laps to rough polish an Ethiopian opal I'd picked up a couple months ago. Works great. Slow, but that's what opals need. I still cracked the surface though, so I put it up to ask the experts on Saturday.

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