Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our first major home improvement

We've tried to fix our fish pond this week. We moved our remaining fish to a temporary holding pot and bailed out the pond. Unfortunately, when we pumped it out, I could tell there was a bunch of water underneath it. Don't know how deep the hole is or how serious. Called a couple of pond landscapers, and one came out Saturday to take a look. We ended up going to his local store and taking a look at the various kinds of ponds they have installed.

After looking around, we decided to go ahead and have his company install a new waterfall feature in our back yard. Important points that sold us: Very low maintenance; they take away the old, broken pond; they can do it in a day or two; and they can have it done by the end of October. The designer is coming over Monday afternoon to work with us on designing the waterfall.

We think we've decided on a disappearing waterfall. basically, the pond section is filled in with large rocks that act as the biofilter. There's no open space for plants and fish; instead the water comes off the stream and disappears into the gravel-filled resovoir to be pumped up again. I'm excited to finally get something really nice for the house.

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