Friday, September 12, 2008

11:00 update

The local news is getting crazy. Western part of Galveston is underwater. The Strand, which is on the east side, protected by the seawall and by the cruise terminal, is underwater. I saw some trucks driving through the streets and the water was up over the tires. In another shot, I saw a car driving on a road that was totally underwater, and the water was almost over the hood. What are these people thinking!?

Here are some local feeds if you want to see the the local news and video.

I saw footage from Kemah, one of my favorite places to go eat. It's right on the water. Normally the water is 4-6 feet below the boardwalk, and we'd feed the catfish. Today, the water is almost as high as the boardwalk, and the waves are pushing through the boardwalk and already popping some of the boards loose.

The news talked about Bolivar peninsula and said the Coast Guard was already starting to rescue people off their rooftops. Apparently they weren't expecting the water to get so high there.

Galveston has suspended water service, including drinking water and sewage, to protect the system from saltwater.

The sky is getting less blue and a lot more gray. The winds have died down for the moment. I just took a nice shower and I'll have lunch soon, so I can have something hot.

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