Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Update - Friday 10:00 am

I think we're all battened down now. I made pancakes this morning and ran the dishwasher. From now on, we're eating on paper plates. I fully expect the power to go out in another 2-4 hours. Last time we went through Isabel is Virginia, they shut the power grid down 3 hours in advance of the storm to save the power grid.

Watching the local news this morning. At this point, it's much more informative than the Weather Channel. The western end of Galveston is already underwater, and the waves are overtopping the 17 foot seawall at the eastern end.

We went for a walk this morning, just to get out one last time. It's getting very gusty out, and it actually feels pretty good. The breeze was fairly cool. About 30-40% of the houses in our neighborhood are boarded up. Ours isn't one of them.

Only task left is taking pictures, and put the most necessary supplies in the bathroom in case we have to retreat there tonight. The cats are going into their carriers later tonight, and I'm sure they won't be happy.

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Dave said...

Good Luck
Don't forget to post pictures

Dave S
NASA Langley