Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big Days

Declan's had some big days lately. Yesterday, I met some of my coworkers for lunch, and he got passed around from person to person the entire lunch. Then this morning, I took him into work to meet the rest of my coworkers. I figure it's good for him to see different faces and be in different places. I want him to be adaptable, as my friend put it.

He had a very rough time coming home, though, and it made it hard for me. He was getting hungry before we left, so I gave him his pacifier and put him in the truck. About halfway home, he decides he wants to eat NOW. He starts crying, but I can't do anything, since I'm driving. Then he starts screaming. I heard so many different kinds of screams from him on the way home, and it broke my heart. He sounded so pitiful (and angry), and there wasn't anything I could do to make him feel better. He cried so much he had tears running down his cheeks. Poor baby. Then when I finally got him home, I couldn't get him to take his whole bottle, so now he's a stinker.

Tonight, I want to get to a studio to get some pictures done of him. And we may do our evening walk inside tonight, at the mall, because the mosquitoes are so very, very bad now with all the rain we've had. I have a mosquito netting for his stroller, but I need some Off for myself.

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