Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and more pictures

We got through Easter. Dinner ended up being Chinese delivery. I had minced chicken in lettuce wraps (and it was very good), and Daniel had his favorite, beef fried rice.

We even had time to finally give Declan another real bath, instead of just trying to wash his little face and hands every so often. He shocked us both when he didn't scream through the whole thing. Seemed like he kind of liked it. He's got a diaper rash, so we tried letting his bum get some fresh air, and Daniel came up with the idea of using my hair dryer on the lowest warm setting and waving it over him. He didn't scream or fuss at it, so maybe he liked it. Then he got his Easter clothes and present. It's rather hard to pose a 12 day old infant; they're rather floppy. But we tried.

On Saturday, I asked my friend, Rita, to come over and help for a bit. She got him changed and settled onto the couch like the pro she is. She's got 3 kids of her own and is taking care of her granddaughter.

Big yawn:

Deep thoughts:

Here are some grandma pictures:

My mom:

Daniel's mom:

And here's one of our first walks outside when we all got home. I was still recovering from the c-section, and was in a fair amount of pain, but the doctor told me the best way to recover faster was to walk around. I think I made it to the stop sign in the distance and a little bit further before I had to come back. The reason I'm pushing the stroller is because it gave me something to hold onto. Daniel's playing peek-a-boo, and that's my dad next to us.


Buck said...

Hang in there, Mom. You're doing fine!



Lisa said...

Your son is just adorable. It sounds like you are getting the hang of the whole mom thing. Keep up the good work and it'll be second nature before you know it:)