Tuesday, April 07, 2009

That first week really is hell

And we've only had 3 days of it, technically, since he was in the NICU for 5 days.

So far, we've dealt with screaming temper tantrums when we change his diaper. He really hates that. I'm starting to learn what his angry cry is because I hear it so much. He loves being carried in the sling. That makes him quiet right down. Parents (mine) are a godsend because I can hand him to my mom when he's screaming and go to the other room. I can also get her up at 4:00 am to watch him so I can get some sleep. I really wish I lived closer to them. I envy my brother, who lives a half mile from their house.

Breastfeeding is a big chore. He hasn't got the concept of latching on. I thought he was eating enough over the weekend, but it turned out he wasn't. He went over 9 hours without a wet/dirty diaper, and when he did go, it was pinkish with crystals, meaning he was dehydrated. We finally started bottle feeding him and I'm pumping, but I can't keep up with his demands. We're going to see a lactation consultant today to try and get him on track. He's getting a bit of breastmilk and more and more formula. Not ideal, but right now, we just need to make sure he's eating.

We saw the pediatrician yesterday, and she told us to make sure he's eating 2-3 ounces every 3 hours. Again, thank goodness for grandparents.

I'm also learning about diapers. The cloth diapers I have contain the dirty blowouts, but they leak the wetness more. Maybe I'll go to disposables for the next couple weeks til I figure this out.

Alright, off to the lactation consultants. I'm learning it takes twice as long to get ready to go with a baby.


Robert the Red said...

I don't have kids but I've known so many people who have that I feel like I've heard it all! LOL

- It seems as if every mom has the same problems you've had with breastfeeding. How people did it before formula is beyond me. Maybe that's why there was such high infant mortality back in the day?

- It also seems like every mom starts out with high ideals about using cloth diapers, but eventually succumbs to using disposables. Infants take 150% of your energy, and adding cloth diapers to the mix seems like it brings the total up to 175%. There're some ubermoms who make it all seem easy, but that's never been anyone I've known!

Carolyn keeps asking if I've talked to you on the phone. I'm always afraid I'll call when you're catching five minutes of sleep!

Buck said...

Way to go, Mom!! You done good girl. You have a genuine, natural born Texan on your hands now. Congratulations!

We are proud of you and pleased for you. All ther best. :-)