Thursday, April 09, 2009

My new mantra: Survive

One day at a time, one feeding at a time. Yesterday was pretty bad. Last night we had some mixed success. This morning, we're doing a little bit better. I got a good 5 hours of sleep during the day yesterday. It meant sleeping through lunch, but that was fine with me. Lunch, breakfast...those are arbitrary terms with no more meaning right now.

Daniel's parents are here now, and it's so wonderful to finish feeding him and and hand him to his grandma to burp and rock to sleep. I'm eating leftover General Tso's chicken now at 10:30. Is it lunch? Is it breakfast? Who knows. I don't care.

The surgery pain is finally starting to recede a little bit. I don't double over in pain anymore if I miss a pain pill on schedule. And yesterday, we took a walk and I made it 10 minutes without excruciating stomach pain.

I know it's just gas, and not a real smile. But when he really does smile, it's going to be wonderful. It's a great smile. Unfortantely, it doesn't happen much. And he's such a little rag doll when I burp him. He'll collapse and wobble all over the place.

Just for fun, here's a couple of pictures we took yesterday before my parents left.
Me and Daniel, looking very sleep deprived.

A picture of his little hand on my finger. So cute. :)

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