Monday, September 07, 2009

Busy Weekend

Got my hair done on Saturday, then we had to go to Sam's Club to get more formula. We decided to try the Sam's Club version, since it was $11 for the same amount as we had been buying of Similac, but the Similac was $29. That size will last Declan about a week, so it's a not insignificant savings. We'll see how he does on it this week.

Saturday night, I tried plums and he seemed to like those. I think he really only wants very smooth purees right now. He's rejected apples, pears, and green beans, but he'll eat avocado, sweet potato and now plums.

Sunday, Daniel watched the baby for a couple hours, while I did a lot of yard work. We had the stump ground out of our yard a week ago, so I started shoveling the lava rocks that had been around it. Put them from the yard into the flower beds against the fence. Worked on that for the better part of an hour, and got through maybe a third of it. Plus I blistered my hands.

Then I pruned the fig tree and my roses, moved about a hundred brinks and restacked them, built a compost pile and filled up the pond. Yep, I was busy. And now on Monday, my legs hurt and my hands hurt where I blistered them. But I'm happy I got a lot accomplished.

My eventual goal is to replant my lemon tree from by the kitchen to the spot where we had the stump ground out. I think it needs more sun that it's getting right now. Then I want to put in raised vegetable beds around it. That's the area of my yard that gets a lot of good sunlight. But first, I have to move all the lava rocks out of the way, level the ground and build the raised beds. Yeah, that's all. *rolleyes*

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