Thursday, September 17, 2009

Date Night Last Weekend

One of my coworkers/friends came over Saturday night and watched Declan so that Daniel and I could get out of the house without the baby for a few hours. Thank you, Mary and Emily!!

We went to see "9", the new animated movie about puppets in a post-apocalyptic world. It was visually very beautiful, but when the movie was over, I turned to Daniel and said, what the heck was that? The ending made no sense to me. I was actually rather bummed because it was so confusing. It felt like the movie took a hard left turn it the last 5 minutes, then just skipped to something else entirely. Oh well, it was still pretty to watch.

Then we went out for Indian food. Went to Moghul's, but they were burning some sort of very strong incense. It smelled awful. It literally smelled like a urine-soaked bathroom to me. How could incense smell so bad? The waitress tried to seat us at the very back of the restaurant, but it didn't help. After less than a minute in there, I had to get out because I was gagging. I practically ran out of the place. Ugh.

So we tried another Indian place. This one was busy. They put us in a corner and forgot about us. *sigh* Guess it wasn't my night. Next time we'll go to La Tapa Tapa.

But it was still very nice to get out and have some adult time. Although it was hard to find something to talk about besids baby stuff and video games.

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